Actual Testimonials from Past Tenants

Lydia Stewart Resided at 127 Roosevelt 2016-2019

“Andre is an honest, responsive, and reliable landlord. My apartment was well-maintained and clean. With any issues, he dealt with them happily and immediately. I liked living here very much. I would recommend his homes to anyone in the Syracuse area.”

Moriah Cohen - Graduate Student- SU Social Work 127 Roosevelt Ave 2018-2019

 It was truly a pleasure to live in this cozy, lovely and sun-filled  apartment for the past  year.  My roommates and I loved spending summer  evenings out on the front porch and winter afternoons curled up by the  fireplace.  The apartment was well kept-up and had a lot of nice  features which not only made it a comfortable space to live in but also,  honestly, made it feel like a steal.  Andre was an excellent landlord-  receptive, attentive and polite.  I highly recommend his apartments to  anyone looking for a safe, affordable and comfortable home in Syracuse.   I truly feel very lucky to have lived in one of his apartments and have  nothing but praise for Andre as landlord. 

Spencer Piston – Syracuse University PhD – Resided at 125 Roosevelt from 2014-2016

 We have been renting houses across the country since 2002, and renting from Andre is the best experience we've ever had! Andre is a kind, understanding, hands-on landlord who takes pride in keeping his properties in great shape. We have absolutely no complaints and would rent from him again at any time. 

Rashmi Gangamma – Syracuse University PhD – Resided at 261 Buckingham from 2012-2016

 This has been one of the best places I have rented so far! The apartment is spacious, gets a lot of sunlight, and offers gorgeous views from both porches. Having the garage is another asset, especially in the winter. Andre is an excellent landlord. He cares about the property and makes sure things are in great shape. He installed a new furnace and central air in the last couple of years, which made the space more comfortable. He responds very quickly to concerns, whatever they are and whenever they arise. I also really appreciated the timely snow plowing. I did not have to worry about getting stuck in the driveway even during the worst of storms. I am sad to leave the apartment and would not have given it up if I were to continue to rent. I am sure you will enjoy living in this space. 

T. Harris, MD - Upstate Medical University- resided at 127 Roosevelt Avenue

 I have lived all over the nation in various apartments and rental homes, and there is no doubt that Andre is the most responsive, hard-working, friendly, and all-around best landlord I have ever met.  His work ethic is unequaled.  The apartment itself is beautiful with so much charm, is very spacious, is well-kept, and has modern appliances.  The only reason I left is that a very affordable homeownership opportunity fell out of the sky and into my hands, and I couldn't pass it up.  If not for that, I would still happily be there.  I recommended Andre to some of my professional colleagues, who have signed lease agreements with him recently.  I will continue to recommend Andre in the future as well." 

Jody Holcomb -my Daughter lived at 301 Roosevelt from 2015-2016

 Thank you Andre!     It's been very comforting having Rachel living in a nice apartment  this past year!   As you know, so many of the student houses are Absolute dumps! She lived in one her first semester there and her Dad and I were not amused! The landlord did nothing to keep  the place up!     You do a great job!  

Elizabeth Greenberg - Graduate Student SU Information Studies - Resided at 308 Roosevelt Avenue

 I knew as soon as I saw the apartment that this was the place I wanted to live, even before Andre renovated the place.   Beautiful hardwood floors, so much space and storage, it felt so homey-- and I'd seen Andre's other properties on his website and how beautiful they were once he got through with them.  My experience with Andre as a landlord has been even better than I had anticipated.  He's incredibly responsive to any issues we bring to him- the soap dish fell off the bathroom wall and he came by the next day to fix it personally, even though we'd emailed him about it on Thanksgiving.  Beyond that, he's tremendously passionate about making these apartments as nice as they could be. While we've been living here, Andre found a chandelier he thought would go well in the dining room, installed it, and added a dimmer switch when it turned out just little too bright.  I'm a graduate student at Syracuse University, and this place is a longer but doable walk from campus just beyond the undergraduate area, and 3 blocks from Syracuse Real Food Organic Coop which is an extra bonus. 

Robin Adler, Chittenango, NY - my Daughter lived at 311 Buckingham from 2011 thru 2014


I wanted to thank you again for giving the girls such a safe place to live for 3 years. I never worried about them or the apartment because I knew you were on top of things. You are truly an exceptional landlord and I only wish there were more like you out there!

Blessings to you and your family.

Julia Watson, - Maxwell MPH Program, SU - Resided at 125 Roosevelt Avenue from 2013 to 2014

 It has been a pleasure living in this apartment. It is beautifully maintained, from the hardwood floors to the new windows and appliances. Andre is a wonderful landlord, very responsive to emails, texts or calls, and always happy to help when we had any questions. It's clear he truly cares about his tenants' wellbeing 

Kiarah Evans - Fitness Instructor Syracuse, NY - Resided at 301 Roosevelt from 2013-2014


"Andre is an impressive landlord. He cares for the house as though he lived there himself. He keeps a well manicured lawn and is quick to fix things around the house. As an added bonus, Andre's payment system through Intuit makes it easy for payments to be made.

I think 301 Roosevelt Avenue is best suited for grad students because there are several families on this section of the block and there really isn't any "party-ers" or young students.  It is in fact and mostly Grad Students who you will find walking to the co-op and hanging a flower basket on their front porch. It actually has a "Georgetown" feel to it with the beautiful front porches and railings. I absolutely love sitting on a front porch. Whether its reading a book, doing my assignments, drinking a cup of coffee or eating an apple.

If you're looking for a place that is well maintained and has a comfortable homey feel then Andre has a place for you. I think anyone would be pleased to have Andre as their landlord."

Kyle Reagan I lived at 303 Roosevelt for my junior and senior year at ESF from Fall 2011 to Spr 2013


Compared to all of my friend's places and where I lived sophomore year it was dramatically better well kept; it felt more like family living space than what one might think of as a 'college apartment'. Some people are hesitant to live a little further than the undergraduate area from campus but it is much quieter than living somewhere like Euclid and is only a 10-15 to the SU Campus and 20-25 minute walk from ESF campus or a 5 minute bike ride, which isn't bad even in the winter. Andre is very responsive about any issues with the apartment or to answer general questions, which can really be a lifesaver - like if you lock yourself out.

You can pay rent online electronically and are notified by email to do so, which makes it easier and nearly impossible to forget. On the topic of rent it is competitively priced with other places I looked at, but the cleanliness and quality for that price made it a much better value. If I weren't graduating and moving on I'd gladly live here again and I recommend the apartment to anyone looking for somewhere to live."

Kerri M. Raissian - Ph.D. Maxwell School, Syracuse University - lived in 313 Buckingham for 3 years


My husband and I were the first tenants to live in the upstairs unit of 313 Buckingham after Andre renovated it.  The place was such a dump (but great location) before we rented it that Andre wouldn’t even let me see it (he said it would scare me), so I toured the downstairs unit instead (it had the same set-up so that was fine).  Andre promised to renovate our unit and the building: new roof, new cedar shingle siding (which brought back the original character of the house), new sidewalk, new driveway, new windows, new kitchen, new bathroom, the works.  Andre was true to his word.  He fully renovated the apartment and took our preferences into account when he did it (he even let me make paint color suggestions).  Andre was also supportive of me doing some flowering gardening in the front yard; I loved walking home to the flowers.

Andre is also a very active landlord.  He was on the property several times a week during the apartment renovations and after that during the landscape improvement project.  We very much enjoyed living in 313.  The location is great, it’s on the quiet side of the neighborhood, and the unit was a great place to call home!

Alex Payne - Maxwell MPH Program, Lived in 259 Buckingham 7/1/2011 - 6/30/2012

 259-261 Buckingham and is very nice. Andre is a great landlord. He treats his properties very well (and expects the same from his tenants), is honest, and if there are problems (we've only had 1: our thermostat breaking) he immediately comes to fix them. There are tenants scheduled to live in this house/apt next school year, but if Andre has other apartments available, I highly recommend considering them. 

Peter Rockermann- Masters Student at ESF, Lived in 303 Roosevelt for 2 years from 2009-2011

 Andre was both courteous and professional upon my first contact with him. He was quick to respond to any questions or building maintenance issues; Routine maintenance and unique problems (of which there were very few) were addressed in a timely fashion. Andre is the kind of landlord you will see landscaping the property in the early afternoon after work; He's hands-on and really cares about the condition of his properties. He often responded well within 24 hours and informed tenants when he would be out of town or unavailable. I was moving into an apartment with two roommates, each moving in or returning from summer break at different times and Andre was able to communicate and coordinate the moving in and out transitions seamlessly. Andre was a fantastic landlord and overall great guy! 

Peter Charles Iacono - Moving in to 259 Buckingham 7/1/2012

 When I first seen Andre's apartment I immediately knew that this was where I wanted to live for the next year. After seeing how other landlords kept their houses, you can tell that Andre takes pride in his homes and invests a lot into them. My two current roommates and I looked at one more apartment after Andre's. As soon as we walked out of that house we called Andre to reserve our apartment. I cannot wait to move in next month. 

Kelsy Adler, live in 311 Buckingham ave for the past 2 years.

 From the first time I saw the apartment, I knew it was the one for us. The inside was clean and organized. Andre did a wonderful job re-doing the kitchen and the bathroom, and the apartment, inside and out, is beautiful. An apartment this nice is hard to find in the University area of Syracuse, and Andre is a great, understanding, and extremely helpful landlord. He takes care of his properties, as well as his tenants. I would 100% recommend Andre, and his properties to anyone I know looking for a place to live in Syracuse. 

Ellen Wisner, Phd, Lived at 940 Westcott from 2009 thru 2010

 While in graduate school at SU I lived in four different apartments off campus, and had both good and bad landlords.  Andre was definitely one of the best.  The first floor apartment at 940 Westcott Street where I lived was well maintained and had relatively new appliances that all worked perfectly. We did not have many maintenance issues while living there, but if we ever had any problems we could call Andre and he would come right away.  One really great perk was that in the winter he was great about clearing the driveway of snow (not all landlords take care of this).  When I moved out, Andre returned my security deposit promptly, and since we didn't do any damage to the apartment, I got it all back (which also doesn't always happen in Syracuse, even if you take good care of the apartment).  Andre is a great guy and a very good landlord.  I recommend 940 Westcott, it was one of the best places that I lived while in Syracuse. 

Kate Holloway, lived in 940 Westcott St, Apt 1. in 2010.

 Andre was the best landlord I had in Syracuse. The house was clean and ready for occupancy right when we had to move in and he was incredibly helpful throughout the renting process. He even connected me with great roommates! The first time we were looking, he ended up renting to someone else, but the next year, we called him up because he was so helpful the year before and we got the place we wanted the first time around. He was flexible when I needed to end my lease early and find a subletter and was always responsive to any issues we were having. I highly recommend renting from him. 

Liz Crosby Fomegne

 I lived at 261 Buckingham Ave for three years - from summer 2006 to summer 2009.  One of my years there I was an employee of Syracuse University, and my last two years I was earning my Master's degree in Public Administration from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University.  It was my favorite place to live in all my years in Syracuse (I was there a total of nine years), and Andre was by far the best landlord I had while in Syracuse.

Andre was always professional, from the day we visited the unit, to paying our deposit, to moving in, and moving out.  If there was ever an issue with the apartment he would take care of it immediately.  I knew that he takes his responsibility as a landlord seriously.  He was always fair and understanding, and I truly felt "at home" on Buckingham Ave.  Andre even offered me advice on purchasing real estate myself, and he prepared my tax returns for me as a free service!

Andre takes great care of his properties and his tenants.  He removed snow from our driveway, and that's just one of the many things that he does for his tenants that other landlords do not do.  I highly recommend renting an apartment from Andre! 

Brian Jameson MD, Scranton PA - Lived in 259 Buckingham 2005 thru 2007.

I lived in 259 Buckingham Ave for 2 years from 2005 thru 2007 while I did my fellowship at SUNY Upstate.  Looking for an apartment while I was out of town was such a daunting task. Coming from Scranton, I did not know Syracuse very well.  Someone from the Medical School recommended Andre and I felt at home as soon as I saw the house and met Andre.  I found Andre to be honest and genuine from the start.  We were lucky enough to get this house because we looked early, other colleagues in my program were not so lucky. Andre was responsive and truly cared about how we lived and made sure everything was up to his standards.  I highly recommend Andre and wish everyone was as genuine of a Landlord. 

Emily Handelman, live in 940 Westcott St for past 2 years


I've  been very pleased. It's a great location, the apartment has plenty of  room, a dishwasher, a gas stove, and washer and dryer--really can't ask  for more. I've been very happy with how quickly you respond to issues  like snaking our drain, changing light bulbs, and fixing the washer!  I  have plenty of friends who can't say the same for their landlords. I was  exited last month to stumble upon someone installing a new storm  door--makes a huge difference at night trying to cool the apartment  without bugs coming in! Paying rent online is really simple and the  reminder emails are nice too.

I will definitely continue to recommend your apartments to my friends and I don't plan on moving any time soon!

Jenny Brown PHD & Mike Eriksen PHD, we Lived in 259 Buckingham for 2 years from 2007-2009


We  absolutely loved our apartment!  The apartment was in a great location  within walking distance to campus in a quiet neighborhood.  Andre was a  wonderful landlord who was very responsive to any concerns or  maintenance issues.  The hardwood floors, fireplace, access to basement  storage, and garage are key assets to this apartment.  The apartment was  also spotless when we began our lease. While we no longer live in  Syracuse, we would gladly rent from Andre again.

Katie Besha, lived at 301 Roosevelt Ave for 2 years from 2002 thru 2004 while in Law School.


Katie Besha, lived at 301 Roosevelt Ave for 2 years from 2002 thru 2004 while in Law School.

301  Roosevelt was so perfect for us. It had a big eat in kitchen which we  loved with a window over the sink and I love looking out the window when  I do my dishes (there is something special I loved abut that growing  up), the extra bathroom was such a bonus and Andre was so easy to deal  with and get a hold of if we needed him. He was so flexible and let us  stay an extra 2 months while we studied for our BAR exam. We never felt  like we were dealing with someone shady who just wanted our rent. We  always knew everything was going to be fine. He was dependable and the  apartment was fantastic to start with. You will not go wrong if you get  one of his apartments!